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Officer Training

Training has long been a passion of mine. I have been teaching/instructing for over 10 years, and have taught members of law enforcement and citizens in this community, around the state, and from Maryland to Texas. The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy has given its blessing for Nappanee Police Chief Steve Rulli and me, with the help of some others, to teach the only ILEA-certified Firearms Instructor Course outside a training academy. I also have been part of the Moyars training platform which provides online training to law enforcement across Indiana.

These experiences qualify me to speak to the training that today’s law enforcement officers need.

For years now, Americans have been demanding more and better training for law enforcement. Many of their arguments are valid.

The leadership and representatives of this nation have echoed the demand, but the conversation seems to stop at “Cops need better training.” Nobody ever discusses exactly what that looks like. What kind of training, specifically? How much? What will it cost? How do we find it?

These are the questions that need asking and answering, by leaders like myself who understand the answers.

Under current Sheriff Kyle Dukes the sheriff’s office has a full-time training sergeant, Travis Shively. Sgt. Shively and I have conducted training together for many years. He does a fantastic job. I plan to not only keep that position going, but expand on it.

I have been working with county commissioners and other leadership on some pretty exciting projects to expand the abilities of our training program. Some of these are making good progress. I hope to reveal more as they come closer to fruition.

My vision is for Kosciusko County to become one of the premier locations in Northern Indiana for law enforcement training. The better trained our officers are, the safer our community is. That goes for our neighbor communities as well.

The better trained our officers are, the safer our community is.

– James Marshall

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