Craig L Lehman SGM (R) U.S. Army Recommends James Marshall After Serving With Him as an Army Scout.

Letter of Support for James Marshall

Craig L Lehman SGM (R) U.S. Army

I first met James Marshall in 2002 when I was assigned to HHC (headquarters and Headquarters Company) 1 st Battalion, 293 Infantry. James was a Team Leader in the Scout Platoon for the Battalion, and I was then assigned to the Scouts as well. At that time, it was post 9/11 and a possible deployment was imminent. James was a leader within the Scouts and part of the bedrock for the organization. As training increased, the intensity and difficult nature of the training increased as well because of the possible deployment. The entire time James was steadfast in his resolve to improve the soldiers within the platoon.

As the unit began preparation to deploy once the deployment notice was announced, James was a stellar example of a leader, he was again a rock for the soldiers. Throughout training for the deployment, James had an unmatched resolve. James was a leader that got better with stress, consistently providing the best leadership anyone could ask for.

Throughout the train up and initial deployment to Kuwait, James proved to be a tireless leader. Throughout the entire process, James was steadfast and even keeled. Any unit deploying has the uncertainty of the deployment looming before it, with this one the unknown of going into Iraq was difficult for many soldiers. James never wavered; he always was the one you could count on for a level head in any situation.

Our unit in Iraq faced many challenges yet James never wavered in his leadership. Often our unit was placed in extremely stressful and dangerous situations all the while living in very austere conditions. Our unit was with the initial ground push into Iraq in March of 2003. Our mission set included a multitude of varied missions and operations. These included but were not limited to scout/surveillance operations, sniper missions, and patrols both mounted and dismounted. Our unit had engagements with enemy forces during these operations. Despite the danger we faced, James was a rock for the soldiers he led and the entire organization.

In almost 25 years in the United States Army, I have never met a more dedicated and powerful leader as James Marshall. Our unit would not have been as safe and successful on that 2003 deployment to Iraq without James. As a leader, it’s important to surround yourself with quality people and James is just that in everything he does, quality. He is a leader I could count on to accomplish any mission he was assigned.

That deployment was one that I cherish the most because of what we accomplished and because of the close friends we all became. James and I have maintained contact for 20 years now since that deployment. It’s an honor to know him. Seeing a former soldier that I served with accomplish all he has I am proud knowing I served with such an outstanding man.

If any further information is needed, please contact me.


Craig L Lehman SGM (R) U.S. Army

2121 Washington St.

Columbus, IN 47201