The Important Issues


Community Outreach

In a county of 80,000 people, just how accessible is the sheriff?

Imagine 80,000 people attempting to funnel questions, complaints, concerns, or praises to one person. How much attention would the sheriff be able to give to those citizens? How does the sheriff prioritize issues?

It’s really an impossible task. But I hope to raise the bar.

I want to build a community outreach committee composed of at least one representative from each township. They would be selected by the township or another third-party entity to ensure accountability and transparency.

As sheriff, my plan is that these committee members would meet once a month with me and select members of my administration to voice the concerns, complaints, questions, or praises they have received from the citizens of their respective townships. Once issues have been aired, I will go to work to answer the questions or tackle the concerns. At the next committee meeting, members will get answers and hear what has been done to solve the issues.

This is where true accountability and transparency come from, and how trust is strengthened between the sheriff’s office and the citizens of Kosciusko County.

Getting answers and hearing what has been done to solve the issues are where true accountability and transparency come from and how trust is strengthened.     – James Marshall

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