Elect James Marshall

 For Kosciusko county Sheriff

  •  Resident of Kosciusko County since 1984 
  • 1994 Graduate of Warsaw Community High School
  • U.S. Army Veteran with Extensive Leadership Experience
  • Proud Recipient of the Combat Infantry Badge
  • 20 Years of Law Enforcement Experience
  • Kosciusko County Veteranof the Month February 2014
  • A member of the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department since 2007
  • A Detective for the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department since 2019
  • Swat Team Leader
  • Kosciusko County Special Operations Group – Assistant Commander

  • Senior Firearms Instructor
  • Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Pistol and Rifle Instructor
  • Certified Instructor through the Sig Sauer Academy

  • Many other Instructor certifications from prominent training programs
  • Married to his wife Julie for 13 years
  • The Proud father of 2 amazing daughters and an equally amazing son

If you want to ensure that we have a man that we can trust as Sheriff to have our backs, please consider making a donation.


The Right TIME.

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Who I Am and an Outline of My Platform

My name is James Marshall and I am running to serve this amazing community as your next Sheriff. I was born right here in Kosciusko County, and I’ve been in the business of defending liberty and freedom my entire life.

From my start at the Milford Police Department in 2002, to defending our nation in Operation Iraqi Freedom and being awarded the Army’s Combat Infantry Badge, to serving 15+ years in the Kosciusko Sherriff’s Department, my life’s passion has been the security and safety of others.
As a member of the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department, I have served as the senior firearms instructor and conducted Active Shooter trainings. I served as a Team Leader for the Kosciusko County SWAT Team before being quickly promoted to Assistant Commander. I am also a member of the Hiring Board that conducts interviews with all candidates seeking employment as Sheriff Deputies.

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Securing Our Schools

We have a responsibility to protect the children in our schools. There are steps that can be taken, and changes made, here at the local level.

Child Sex/Abuse cases and Cyber Crimes

Prior to becoming a detective and working on local child sex and abuse cases, I had no idea how prevalent this was in our community.

Officer Training

The better trained our officers are, the safer our community is.

Real Solutions for the Jail

A good leader cares for and supports their subordinates – not berating them or humiliating them in front of others, and certainly not in front of the public and the media.

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Community Outreach

Getting answers and hearing what has been done to solve the issues are where true accountability and transparency come from – and how trust is strengthened.

If you want to ensure that we have a man that we can trust as Sheriff to have our backs, please consider making a donation.

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